Business Manager (UK)

Rokham Tariq


Rokham Tariq – Business Manager Xact Mind(UK)

Introduction: Welcome to Xact Mind UK, where innovation meets expertise under the guidance of Rokham Tariq, a distinguished professional with a master’s degree in Information and Communication, specializing in machine learning.

Expertise in Machine Learning: With profound expertise in deep learning and communication models, Rokham’s research has been dedicated to the nuanced domains of text segmentation and sentiment analysis.


  • Overseeing business operations and strategy in the UK region.
  • Leading and coordinating teams to achieve organizational goals.
  • Developing and implementing innovative business solutions.
  • Cultivating relationships with clients and stakeholders.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and company policies.

Commitment to Advancement: Possessing a sophisticated grasp of temporal datasets and a comprehensive command of fine-tuning and generating models, Rokham is committed to contributing to a world where machine learning and artificial intelligence automation seamlessly cultivate efficiency and well-being.

Driving Transformative Change: Embark on a journey towards a future where technology, under Rokham’s guidance, orchestrates transformative change, driven by a dedication to innovation and positive societal impact. 

Join us at Xact Mind UK as we revolutionize the landscape of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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